1/4 Pound (150 Large to 250 Small) Live Red Worms
Only $5.00. Priority Mail or Pickup Required.
------ R E D W O R M S ------ One quarter pound of living red worms for sale. They can be used as pet food, fish bait or for gardening. The cartons of 200 worms found at nurseries are the same weight. 150-250 worms weigh 1/4 pound. My local nursery sells these for $20.00! Shipped in a peat and oat bran mixture for $6.50 by Priority Mail! You can call to arrange pickup and save shipping. You can pay for them by PayPal. ($11.50 = 5.00 + 6.50) Login to Paypal. Make payment to Sales@ducksworms.com, using the "goods" option. Your shipping address will appear on the confirmation page, along with a place to email special notes or extra instructions. Email Sales@ducksworms.com Phone Victor 213-555-1212 from an unblocked id. (*82).

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